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Oil changes are one of the most inexpensive ways that Lake Mary ’s drivers can help to prolong the lives of their cars. Regular oil changes are essential for the smooth running of your vehicle and help to ensure that your car continues to get you where you need to be. Yet many drivers neglect this important part of vehicle maintenance.

Here at Paris Automotive we take the stress out of oil change. We are proud to keep Lake Mary ’s drivers safe on the roads. Our top mechanics provide an award-winning oil changing service at an affordable price, and quickly, so that you can get on with your busy life, and continue to drive safe in the knowledge that your car has benefited from our expert service.

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Signs that Your Vehicle Requires an Oil Change

While most drivers will be notified to change their oil by the check engine light on their dash - there are a few other ways to indicate when the oil in your vehicle needs to be refreshed. Here are a few of the most common signs:

Dirty Oil

Your oil's actual appearance is an excellent indication of when it needs to be changed. Fresh oil is a light amber color, and it darkens as it collects particles from your engine. You can check your oil color by removing the dipstick - if the oil is dark and thick, it's time to have it changed.

Smoking Exhaust

While it's normal to see a clear vapor coming out of your tailpipe, if you notice that your vehicle is emitting smoke, you need to contact a mechanic. Your car may need an oil change or more significant repairs.


Another indication that your car needs an oil change is if it starts to make more noise than usual. Noise indicates that your car's parts are not getting the lubrication they need. If you notice rumbling or knocking - give us a call.


If you begin to smell oil in the cabin or your vehicle - don't wait around. Your car may have an oil leak - and you need to get in touch with a mechanic quickly!

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When you get in touch with our mechanics, we will schedule your oil change at your earliest convenience. The complete service should take no more than an hour. Our team will be more than happy to provide you with information about pricing and an accurate time frame for servicing before we get to work.

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Fast and Affordable Oil Changes

At Paris Automotive, we understand that you don't want to go without your vehicle for long. When you choose to invest in an oil change at our auto garage, you can rest assured knowing that your car will be back up and running in under an hour.

We are also very proud to offer our clients competitive rates without sacrificing the quality of the work we do. For more pricing information, reach us by phone or email today.

What is an Oil Change?

Oil changes are crucial in order to keep your vehicle’s engine running smoothly. The function of oil is to keep your engine lubricated. This reduces friction on the moving parts and helps to ensure that your engine functions at the best possible level. Over time, the oil becomes dirty which means that your engine is not lubricated as well.

When our mechanics at Paris Automotive do an oil change, they remove old oil from your vehicle and replace it with fresh oil. This ensures that the engine is properly lubricated. They also usually change the oil filter during this service. With a new oil filter and fresh oil, your car will now perform to an optimum level.

Why Does my Vehicle Need Regular Oil Changes?

Motor oil is important to your vehicle as it helps to make sure that all of the moving parts in the engine work as they should. Oil not only prevents friction but also helps to cool down your engine and fights corrosion. Over time, the engine oil can break down which means that it can no longer function as well. When oil becomes dirty, it does not move around the engine so well, which means that your vehicle engine parts will not move as well. It also means that your engine is more liable to rust and there will be more engine noise. Regular oil changes at Paris Automotive will prevent this happening and ensure that your vehicle continues to function effectively.

How Often do I Need to Have an Oil Change?

Regular oil changes are an important part of responsible car-ownership. It’s important to have regular oil changes to maintain a healthy engine. Our mechanics at Paris Automotive encourage our Lake Mary customers to use our oil change service after every 3,500 miles. Car-owners that do not use this service are at risk of long-term damage to their vehicle engines. Don’t take risks with your car. You invested thousands of dollars to buy your car so it is important that you don’t take shortcuts on something as simple as an oil change.

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